Stop worrying about maintenance and content entry for your WordPress site

Do you want to focus on your business or organization again and not on how you enter content into your WordPress site, or how to complete updates and add features?

Get technical support for your WordPress site

Content Entry

Site Security

Site Analytics

Priority Support

Plugin Updates/Installation

Troubleshoot Site Issues

WordPress Updates

Site Backups

Providing excellent value for WordPress website owners. Time and cost savings compared to per project billing, per hour or emergency support fees for your WordPress site. Proactive technical WordPress support partner.

You should consider using these WordPress support service plans if…

  • You are a small to medium-sized company or organization with a WordPress website.
  • You have a WordPress website and are not sure how to add features or make content display the way you want.
  • Your site is not functioning correctly or having problems.
  • You don't have the time to make edits to your website.
  • Your site was compromised in the past and you were not prepared resulting in headaches and expense.
  • Your time is better spent working on your own business and you realize you are not interested in managing your website content and updates.
  • You are ready to establish a high-quality, ongoing relationship with an expert for your WordPress site.